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israel. it's a surreal experience and war is inevitable. the armored personnel carriers along the israel-gaza border before a possible ground operation and the egyptian prime minister went into gaza today to try and organize some kind of cease fire. that certainly has not worked, at least so far. israeli air strikes continue now for a third day pounding away. at not only militants themselves but their weapon storage facilities and missile launching centers, killing about 20 people. a number of those have been children inside israel. three people died when a missile struck their house. the missile defense system has done an amazing job intercepting more than 1,000 rockets heading towards population areas but it's far from perfect and that is when the three people died. there is a number of people living in fear for their lives
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and he had 10 seconds to figure out how to go into the bombshell and that is a pipe from the homemade rockets made there in gaza and that is that was red-hot. palestinian militants target jerusalem today. israel rime minister benjamin benjamin netanyahu will continue to defend his citizens against terrorism. >> i am grad to see that most of thgovernments of the world don't fall into the false symmetry of equating the terrorist aggressors with the civilian victims. of course, israel will continue to exercise the prudence and self-restraint while defending our citizens against terrorism. >> the united nations is asking
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israel to show restraint. the u.n. chief plans to visit the region soon and plans to reduce tensions. following a news alert on capitol hill. a scandal involving general petraeus is taking a back seat. he testified about the house&intelligence committee today and mentioned terrorist elements during a briefing to lawmakers, something the committee chairman peter king said he doesn't recall. >> the talking points were more specific about our prior involvement yet -- the indication of extremists. indicating even though it was clearly evidence of the cia there was a pattern involved. >> and lawmakers have a lot of questions, including who was behind the attack and how they got into the facility. a potomac man imprisoned in cuba for three years is suing the u.s. government and serving a 15-year prison sentence and working to provide the internet service to the jewish
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community. he claims the company development alternatives and the u.s. government did not adequately train or disclose the risks he was taking by doing the work. a call for change in the statute of limitations on sex crimes in the district. that is after dna evidence alleged two rapists can't be prosecuted because of the law. one man was arrested last week for the rape of a woman in 1999. the charges were dropped. paul wagner has the details. paul. >> reporter: in the last five months, investigators identified two cases which dna linked the suspect to a rape. only to close the file because of a statute of limitations. in the most recent case, the woman was told dna identified her attacker but she had no clue until the reporter called her and told her the charges were dropped. >> would you have come up -- >> late this afternoon, fox five spoke by phone with a woman who was attacked by a stranger along this stretch of
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ninth street northwest in february of 1999. >> she said police reinterview her last month after telling her of the dna connection. >> they told me they got dna off of my clothes and they would notify me when they picked him up and let me know if i would be going to court. >> reporter: the call never came. instead, the victim said that she heard from folk 5 who told her the charges were dropped. >> reporter: i'm the only person who informed you of this case at this point? >> yes. >> reporter: the victim told police she was working at what would have been the 1919 club on north street northwest, an exotic dancer. she said she left the club at 3:00 in the morning and headed down the sidewalk to her car, which was parked somewhere here in this neighborhood. she told the police that a man came from behind and stuck a
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black gun in her back, forced her to the ground and raped her. according to the affidavit, the woman told police that after the assault, the attacker old did her, quote, you got what you deserved. she said she saw a man who matched the description of her attacker inside the club that night and couldn't remember his face. court records show dna was entered into the national dna data bank in 2000 and matched with the suspect's dna after he was arrested in a 2009 drug spirs. ordered to go of up his dna. the emergence of dna technology gave us new tools to solve brutal assaults from many years ago. and we should take advantage to hold criminals responsible. we urge, again, the d.c. council to react promptly to remove the artificial barriers to prosecution so rapists don't get away with their crimes.
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a request ward 3 council member mary chay said deserves another look. >> i think we should take a look at it and we would have to be careful, how much longer shall we have the statute of limitations. and that sort of thing. it's something that we should look at. >> reporter: but for the woman raped in 1999, it looks as if the prosecution is gone forever. >> i was mad. they made me try to remember everything that happened, and you know, no justice was served. i felt a panic attack and i have mental mood problems because of what happened and again for me to bring this back up. i don't understand. if nothing was going to be done, why did they bring this back up? >> reporter: she was fully prepared to testify in court if the case went that far and she's furious that no one ever followed up. brian? >> paul wagner tonight. this is just in to the fox
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5 newsroom. two prince georges county police officers have been suspended, accused of making an inappropriate video. the two officers were african- american and made a racially charged video during a traffic stop. police are holding a news conference at 6:30 tonight and that is where more details will be released. congressional leaders voicing confidence to avoid a so-called fiscal cliff. house speaker john boehner said, quote, i believe that we can do this. the top democrat nancy pelosi said she's confident a solution might be in sight. the lawmakers need to reach a deal with the president to avert a series of tax increases and spending cuts. they're scheduled to take affect january 1st. coming up next on the news edge six, the much anticipated beltway express lanes hour,as -- hours away from opening. what you need to know. sue. >> and the weekend about to get started around d.c. lots of sunshine today and still running a little below average. we're trying to make a couple of sweeps to the weekend forecast.
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i will follow you in on that in a few minutes. lindsay, what is going in sports. >> below average doesn't work in sports. d.c. unite side a must-win and the wizards must win and redskins will get helping hands back this weekend. later in sports as the news edge at 6 continues. 
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. drivers will get the new test drive starting tomorrow. the five-year construction project adds four new lanes from the beltway to springfield and north of the dulles toll road. motorists and cars of three more people can use it free. the cost will run between 3 and $k is. and it's less during offpeek hours. aaa expects the lanes will be tracked with thanksgiving travelers this year. more than 1 million people expected to travel more than 50 miles, most on the roads. the air travel is expected to increase this -- decrease this year and they're finding better deals. a local water company looking to save trees.
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the washington suburban sanitary commission going green and offering paperless bills. once you register, wssc will send you an e-mail when the bill's ready. you have to pay it online and can you do so without a fee. coming up next on the news edge six, house flipping is back. d.c.'s a people spot. some tips on how you can perhaps cash in. first, it's world record day. and one group of women set a new record by cramming themselves inside a mini cooper. 28 women squeeze and twisted themselves into the tiny interior. they had to stay inside the car. all doors and windows shut for five seconds to break the previous record, which was 27 window -- people. tiny car, a huge amount of time. . 
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. it's the end of the line for twinkies and dingdongs. hostess brands filed a motion with a bankruptcy judge seeking permission to shut down operations. the iconic food manufacturer is winding down operations after an employee strike halted production. hostess brands will move to lay off the 18,500 employees. however, i have the twinkie right here. let me know. >> yeah. >> hit me up on twitter. $50. [ laughter ] and looking to make some cash in you may want to consider a fixer-yuper. house flippers made nearly 30 grand for each place they sold. d.c. is the place to do it. the fourth best place in the country for flipping. fox's brenda butner has tips for flippers. >> reporter: there is great opportunity for investors in the recovering housing market through house flipping. buying a home short-term and re- selling it for a profit.
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according to realty track, this year the average flipper made about $30,000 on a single house. and it took them about 100 days to go do it. kristen kemp bicker is the author of flipping confidential and said they need to have a good team behind them, including a realtor, financial advisor and tax strategist. ask yourself what your motivation is to flip property. >> are you doing it for tax benefits, diversify your portfolio, you want to get your interior design yayas out. grit if you need to invest money, do it. >> if you can't help a good real -- find a good realtor to help you, do it yourself. >> there is opportunity everywhere. i always say stick to your own backyard. >> pecker said to look for a good house that is eventually going to be under the scrutiny of an inspection when you go to sell it. make sure you know what you're buying. that home and the costs belong to you. >> count on people to get their opinion who are familiar with
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houses in this really bad condition if you're buying a foreclosure, what are the steps going to be, what is your budget going to take to make the house shine and get you top dollar when you put it on the market. going to the weekend? >> i got tricked into going to morgantown tomorrow night. >> great football there. >> and it's going to be 32 degrees. >> and this is going to be a warmer game. >> and that is good ton. i am sure you will so fantastic football. >> and you need the hand warmer things. >> it's chilly. you know what, i think the weather will cooperate. i mentioned before that we made a couple of changes.
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it has to do with sunday and the coastal system lurking to the south and east and does that get close enough to bring the clouds? we think it will and could it bring drizzle to some parts of the area? maybe. today was arthritisful, wasn't it? -- was delightful, wasn't it? the high temperature of 55 degrees. below average. dulles, 53; bwi-slur food/marshal 53 degrees and -- thurgood-marshal 53 degrees and tomorrow is going to be delightful. a lot of clear skies around the region. the clouds we had have disappeared to the south and there continues to be some persistent moisture hanging off along the southeastern united states and that is probably going to flirt with the carolinas this weekend. we think the area of disturbed weather will hang around into next week, too. off of the coast and sometimes they shift position and that is going to be too close for
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comfort and 39 if in in gaithersburg and a couple of other cooler spots like culpeper at 37 degrees and that is a chill in the air. the bottom line, chilly overnight and we're going head into the upper 20s for a few spots, about 29 degrees here and to frederick. thirty for gaithersburg; 37 for d.c., annapolis at 36 and 31 for martinsburg. about as chilly as we were in some spots last night and cooler. 37 degrees in the district and under clear skies with the cool temperatures. the clouds last night prevented us from getting too cold and tomorrow about 54 degrees. so far so good and into sunday, that might be a bit of a player. and with our weekend looking okay, we'll forecast a high temperature of 40 degrees and by noon, 51 degrees and by
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4:00, 52 and maybe some of you are taking off for your thanksgiving travel. good traveling weather in the northeast and into that mid- atlantic. on sunday, i want you to see the high slipping away and a little of the moisture into virginia and we'll watch it friday and staying in this position and we think the safe forecast is to say a few clouds on sunday and maybe some drizzle in the areas. bottom line, not bad at all and what say we check out the fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast and we're thinking 53 for sunday and monday, 52 degrees. you will notice a lot of cloud cover on the days leading up to thanksgiving here, brian, and keeping it dry. because this system will be off of the east coast, i think it can serve some clouds in. we're going have great travel weather. thanksgiving looking good. 57 degrees and looks like a good amount of sunshine and the black friday big shopping day
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looking terrific. 55 degrees with lots of sunshine. i know you're going to be here monday, right? you would not want to miss monday night's 10:00 news because, drum roll, please? >> yeah. >> i'll do it myself, we're going to unveil the winter weather outlook. what we're thinking. you remember the snow totals last year? >> zero, i think. >> two inches. >> and this is the third warmest ever. >> yes. >> and two years before, that the snowiest ever and we'll talk about the forecast in detail. one man's trash is turning out to be a world treasure. a goodwill store in washington state turned out -- discovered an authentic dolly. the piece titled reflections is from dolly's the cycles of life suite and is hand signed and numbered by the artist. goodwill said the piece was left by an anonymous donor and is auctioned off online and comes with a certificate of authenticity and art gallery. d.c. united must win or the season is over. lindsay murphy has a preview of
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the eastern conference matchup next in sports. first, here in the u.s., we have hank the cat running for senator in ecuador. they had a tonky with presidential dreams. this week was the deadline for politicians to file for february's election. a group of young voters dressed up their candidates and marched them down to the elects office the group said the goal is to raise awareness for voting and choose an affective candidate. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
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. good evening, i'm lindsay murphy. i guess the comparisons between robert griffin 3 and robert -- michael vick will have to rest. he will not play in sunday's game because of a concussion and looks like garcon and merriweather will play.
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mike shanahan said after the practice, both will play barring any setbacks over the weekend and boy could the team use the two weapons. merriweather hasn't played all season because of the sprained ligaments in his left knee. he was ready in week 4 and re- injured the knee. garcon tore his right foot and has been battling with pain since. he was ready and so is his qb. >> and enjoying getting back on the field. knowing you're not 100% and trying to be positive about it and being out there and get my team some epearliy to make the run. >> and it will be good to have him back. he's looking good and we're going to have many great games together. >> and start it now. the terps, the barclay center classic and host leu brooklyn at 7:00 p.m. the terps are 2-1 is this season. the wizards held practice and the team can't find their magic. the second straight year, they're the only nba team without a win.
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zero-7 is their record. saturday, the next chance and if they lose to the utah jazz 0- 8 would match the worse start in franchise history. you can't say they haven't been competitive. four of seven games decided by six points or less and does this feel better than last season? >> and this is never fun to lose. we have competed every, pretty much every game. i don't know. i'm not into comparisons. i'm worried about this team and us going out and doing the things we're capable of doing to win the game. and, you know, i still, you know, have great believe in these guys and we can do that. >> d.c. united lost to the houston dynamo last sunday, 3-1 and the first leg of the eastern conference finals. this sunday to advance to the mls cup the first time in eight years, they must score two goals, maybe more if houston scores. if they can do that, overtime would follow and a pk
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tiebreaker to decide who advances to the championship. >> they need to score goals and there is a little bit of a different mindset going into this game and it's still a soccer game and we're confident in our ability to win games by two goals. at home. we started that before. >> and united has not lost at home since their season opener. brian, that is a wrap on sports. >> all right, lindsay, let's go to shawn yancy for a look at what is coming up at 10. we're still following a developing story out of prince georges county tonight. two police officers suspended for making a racially charged video. we're about to get the latest from the department and we'll have an update at 10. also ahead, information of parents and teenagers need to hear. it's now common for kids to put suicidal thoughts online. how to spot the warning signs that could save a life. and we'll have what you need ton before you hit the road or the rails this weekend.
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brian. >> and thank you. over to sue palka and a last look at the forecast. >> let's get another look at the seven-day. a lot of sunshine tomorrow and 54 degrees for saturday. i think sunday's a descent day and there will be some clouds around. the big question mark, does any precip try to sneak in to the central virginia, southeastern virginia? i'm not sure on that yet and there will be a system lurking off of the coast and that throws a few clouds around our area monday, tuesday, and wednesday, and the run to thanksgiving. thanksgiving is up and dry, brian. >> now you have the news edge. back here at 10. the news edge at 11 is always here. have a fantastic night. 
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